• WIFI Router for Bus
    WIFI Router for Bus

Special platform for Four-Faith,to build advanced wifi system to win the entrance of the mobile internet


Based on years’experience on system construction and wireless communication hardware research, Four-Faith’s push out the wifi bus platform,wifi router,and the whole solution.

Four-Faith WIFI bus platform,is an important part of intelligent transportation system. WIFI bus operator can easily push advertising, advertising updates, audience behavior statistics and other media management; the passengers Internet surfing behavior statistics and analysis; the device remote monitoring and upgrade through the support of WIFI bus platform.The platform provides strong technical support, management support, and system protection to create huge business value.

WIFI Bus Features

Shock-proof Shock-proof Local storage

Local Storage

Shock-proof is designed for mobile bus application

Large volume of local storage is adapted for effective ad serving

Strong Wifi Strong Wifi Wide temperature Wide Temperature
Support Wifi Ap,Ap client,repeater,repeater bridge,WDS to meet all kinds of wifi communication mode Wide temperature design(-35~+75ºC),which help the router stand high and low temperature,ensure the stable work
Convenient for power supply Convenient for power supply Easily installation Easily Installation
Wide temperature design(-35~+75ºC) will be convenient for the vehicle power supply Router with small size, will be easy for installation
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Four-Faith WIFI Bus Advantage

Ad serving realizing flow to liquidate
Support HTTP, WIFI to realize ad serving.
Attached large storage,the ad content saved in the local storage to save traffic.
Support web, audio, flash, images, video stream ect.

High accurate ad managing
Advertising Time, Sequence and Frequency of managing.
Ads clicks viewing hours statistics etc.
Data analysis help to realize high accurate ad managing.

Passengers using the wifi statistic and analyse
It can realize multi-dimensional analyse of WIFI traffic, passenger on/offline time, online time, the large volume data will help to support the related operations department for subdividing WIFI bus business value and scientific management.

Remote monitoring and upgrading
Technician do not need to go to site for device maintenance. It supports remote configuration and update, save the labour cost and improve the managing effeciency


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