To feel the wisdom and embark on a new journey Four-Faith 5th anniversary celebration held in Xiamen

Date: 2014-05-16   Hits:1556

M2M applications from the field of industrial power distribution automation, transformation of heat metering, elevators and other large equipment remote monitoring, to the commercial areas of the network of self-service terminals, parking guidance, multimedia Advertising remote release, and then to the livelihood of the people in the field of public bicycle system, WIFI public transport, water monitoring, surging, rapid development. Four-Faith M2M wireless communication terminal as well as integrated solution provider, standing behind the "invisible" champion of the M2M applications in the "two sessions" after the whole country talked about the great vision of the "China Dream" vibrant spring 2013, happy to usher in the company's fifth anniversary celebration.

5 years sedimentation, blooms like flowers

5th anniversary, looking back, it is short and long, pure and wonderful. 5 years, it is the brilliant portrayal of Four-Faith people adhere to the value of “Honest, Trust, Confidence, Belief”, seizing the opportunities of IOT development, working hard and achieving success.