Basic network topology description

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Basic network topology description

2)The floating IP public network server mode 
IP MODEM supports connected domain function, if there is no fixed IP on the server side, we can bind domain on the server side. IP MODEM can access the server-side by binding domain linked to a server. 
The floating IP public network server mode

3) APN (VPDN) special nets 
 IP MODEM supports the APN (VPDN) feature, the customer who applied of the APN (VPDN) network can easily achieve the communication between the terminals and data center. 
APN (VPDN) special nets

4) point to point mode 
      If remote communication only needed to implement between two serial terminal, then can transmitted by using point to point. 
Point to point transmission, one IP MODEM as the server and another IP MODEM as a client, the client IP MODEM can connected actively to the server IP MODEM actively, to realize thecommunication between the two terminals. While server IP MODEM’s sim card should have a fixed IP. 
 point to point mode