Extended network topology description

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1) multi-center, main and back up center, SMS and other network expansion 
     If set to a single center, also backup center and the main center have been set, IP MODEM will first connected to the main center of communication, if the main center of anomalies, IP MODEM will be to connect to the backup center, to be hung up after the resumption of the main center of the backup center, re-connected and the main center. 
If multi-center, I also set up a multi-center, IP MODEM set will be connected to all the centers, and can multi-center and the communication between IP MODEM. 

 multi-center, main and back up center,

2) The application of network expansion point 
In case of no fixed IP, you can use point to point through a third party server TCP forward way to achieve point to point transmission. 
The application of network expansion point

3) support variety of application-oriented networking platform release 
IP MODEM network data will be transfered to the server, the server can check and control the information through TCP, WEB, etc.

The application of network expansion point

4) The local serial communication mode to transform wireless transmission system network 
If the terminal equipment has been transferred via RS232 or RS485 at site, and now want to achieve long-range wireless transmission, you can realize by using IP MODEM + T2COM + serial port software.

a) Industrial short-range communication model 

b)The network after changing
The network after changing